Introducing Next-Level Accounting Sync: Seamlessly Integrating with QuickBooks

Delivering Seamless Integration with QuickBooks

Next-Level Accounting Sync

We are thrilled to inform you about a significant enhancement made to our existing QuickBooks integration. Now, the system autonomously creates an invoice in QuickBooks when an invoice gets flagged as sent inside our platform. This latest update scales up your capability for frictionless accounting sync by creating an exact match of the sent invoice, inclusive of the total amount, taxes, and discounts (if applicable), in QuickBooks.

Further, every adjustment you make to the invoice within our platform is updated in QuickBooks, ensuring real-time synchronicity throughout your accounting process. This adaptation covers invoice status change transitions such as a customer settling their account, an invoice becoming void, or adding of more discounts upon a customer request.

Please note that this new feature does not sync pre-existing invoices. Only freshly created invoices (from this point on) will get synced inside QuickBooks.

Customer Information Sync

On top of seamless invoice syncing, the updated integration sets up automatic correlation between our platform and QuickBooks Customers through email ID. When a transaction gets processed, the system searches for the corresponding customer profile in QuickBooks. If a match is found, it updates the sales receipt corresponding to that customer inside QuickBooks.

In instances where the customer does not exist in QuickBooks, the system generates a new customer profile, matching it against the email ID used during the transaction process.

invoice exchange
invoice data

Tailoring Your Account

To benefit from this enhanced functionality, navigate to Settings -> Integrations in your account. Businesses that already have their QuickBooks account connected do not require any extra steps to leverage this feature.

integration process
setup interface

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