Introducing Our Advanced 2-Way Email Sync: Unassigned Contacts and Multiple Email Support

Enhanced Functionality with Our Improved 2-Way Email Sync

We're excited to let you know about the newest features in our enhanced 2-way email sync functionality. This update offers a more streamlined and efficient email communication process for our users.

Sync Emails with Unassigned Contacts

Now, you will be able to receive inbound emails directly into your CRM even from contacts who aren't assigned to any specific user. With this feature, you won't miss valuable communication, ensuring no information falls through the cracks.

Support for Multiple Contact Emails

With the enhanced 2-way sync, you can seamlessly connect all inbound and outbound emails between your email accounts and multiple email addresses from your contacts, encompassing their main emails and any alternate ones. This provides a comprehensive mechanism for tracking and managing your communication.

Additional Fixes Towards a More Efficient CRM Experience

Our update also includes multiple minor improvements and fixes for a more comfortable user experience:

  • Contact Replies Location: Contact responses will appear only in the location where the contact was initially created through the 'Auto bcc address.' This ensures logically organized and easily trackable responses within your CRM.
  • 'Auto Bcc Address' in Message Details: To offer clear visibility, we've placed the 'Auto bcc address' in the message details card under the 'bcc field.'
  • Location-Based Conversation Population: If a contact is present in multiple locations within the CRM, all conversations with the user will be saved in the location where the user sent the first outbound email via the CRM. This feature ensures conversations remain contextually relevant.
  • Visibility of Forwarded Emails: Forwarded emails from a user to a contact will now be reflected under that contact's conversation.
  • Support for Embedded Images: Users are now able to send outbound emails via the CRM to any contact with images embedded directly into the email.

This update embodies our commitment to providing a versatile and efficient email management experience within our CRM platform.


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