Introducing Our New WordPress Debugging Tool: Boosting Control and Visibility for Your Website

Empowering Your WordPress Experience With Our New Debugging Feature 🛠️

We're thrilled to unleash our new WordPress Debugging tool. Specifically designed to enhance the control and visibility you have over your website's operations, this feature allows you to view PHP errors, warnings, notices, and other crucial developer-related insights straight on your website.

Essential Features Offered by the Debugging Tool ⚙️

Enhanced Debugging Abilities 🔍

  • PHP Errors: With this tool, you gain real-time insight into PHP errors occurring on your website, enabling you to take immediate corrective action.

  • **Warnings and Notices **: This feature allows you to quickly identify and resolve warnings and notices, ensuring your site continues operating seamlessly.

  • Developer Messages: Access critical developer-related insights that facilitate precise calibrations to your site.

How to Enable the WordPress Debugging Tool 📢

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Head over to Advanced Settings.
  • Click on the option to activate WordPress Debugging.

Additionally, we've rolled out improvements to the user interface, leading to a notably sleeker and more user-friendly design in Plugin Management, Theme Management, User Management, and Backup pages.

Delight in an upgraded and smoother WordPress hosting service experience 🎉.

Request a demo of these new features today and discover how they can significantly enhance your website management operations.

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