Introducing Our Robust Defense Against Clickjacking in Funnels!

Explore Our Robust Defense Against Clickjacking in Funnels with Our Latest Update!

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the “Iframe for Sameorigin Toggle,” a new, significant security enhancement rolled out in our latest update. This improvement has one main aim: to fortify the security of your funnels by preventing their display in iframes across different domains. In doing so, this enhancement provides a robust defense against clickjacking attacks.

Key Advantages of the Iframe for Sameorigin Toggle

Using the Iframe for Sameorigin feature helps reduce clickjacking risks. It ensures that your funnels are only embedded in iframes on the same domain, therefore adding an essential layer of security.


Best of All: It’s Easy to Use

  • Easy Toggle Control: Users can manage iframe settings with ease from the Funnels & Websites module.
  • Protection from Clickjacking: By activating the toggle, your funnels are restricted from being embedded in iframes on external domains.
  • User-Friendly Approach: This feature allows users to enhance their funnel security effortlessly. No need for complex configurations here!

Here’s How to Enable Iframe for Sameorigin:

  1. Navigate to the Funnels & Websites settings in your dashboard.
  2. Look for the Iframe for Sameorigin toggle within the settings.
  3. Activate the toggle to significantly elevate the security of your funnels.

Why It’s Important

Clickjacking attacks can compromise the security and integrity of your funnels. Implementing the Iframe for Sameorigin Toggle is a proactive step in securing your online presence and protecting you and your users from potential security threats.

This enhancement represents our ongoing commitment to offering powerful, user-friendly tools for digital asset protection and a safe online user experience.

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