Introducing Partial Payments for End Customers on Invoicing

Exciting Update: Introducing Partial Payments for End Customers on Invoicing

We are thrilled to announce our new feature – partial payments for end customers on invoicing. This feature allows business users to set a minimum percentage of the total invoice amount to be collected from the end customer, facilitating greater control over payment plans.

Invoice management software interface showing various payment statuses.

Customers can now make payments that are equal to or greater than this specified percentage through the invoicing dashboard of the account.

Online invoice payment settings interface.

Online invoice payment interface with credit card form

Digital invoice from Vatsal Ecom Store.

Additional Changes and Investments

To enable a seamless experience for our users, we have made this feature available for both one-time and recurring invoices. However, for recurring invoices, the partial payment feature is available only for invoices that have autopayment disabled. For those with autopay enabled, users will have the option for partial payment for the first invoice, but the subsequent ones would auto-draft the full amount.

How the Enhanced Payment Feature Improves Your Business

This change empowers you with more control over the payment plans for their customers, ultimately enhancing client payment capture rates. It also offers your customers the flexibility they desire when it comes to payment options.

Steps to Activate the Partial Payments Feature

  1. Ensure that a payment gateway (Stripe / / NMI) is integrated.
  2. Navigate to Payments -> Invoices -> Invoices Settings.
  3. From the page menu, select Payment Settings and enable the Partial Payments Toggle.
  4. Enter a percentage in the input field (The percentage is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice amount to be paid).
  5. Click on “Save.”

Congratulations! You now have Partial Payments enabled!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to the SMBcrm blog for regular updates on our features and products. We promise to keep enhancing and expanding our offerings to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

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