Introducing Payment Element in Forms

New Feature Announcement – Introducing Payment Element in Forms

We’re thrilled to announce that now you can incorporate a “Payment” element directly into your forms. This new feature, which can be located under the Integrations header in the form builder, is designed to enhance your user experience by enabling seamless collection of donations and user-defined amounts.

What’s New with This Update?

  • Addition of the new Payment element in the Form Builder.
  • Capability to Collect Donations via forms.
  • Option to Collect User-defined Payments.
  • Introduction of the “Suggest an amount” feature to provide end users with payment options.

How to Utilize This New Element

  1. Firstly, activate the Payment in Forms from Labs.
  2. Under Integrations, locate the new “Payment” element.
  3. Just drag and drop the payment element onto your form canvas.
  4. Next, connect to the payment gateway
  5. Now, switch between live and off modes as needed.
  6. You’re ready to collect a user-defined amount or use the “Suggest an amount” feature where you can provide end-users with multiple options.
  7. Choose the currency in which you want to collect the payment.
  8. Lastly, personalize it! Choose themes and styling options to customize the look.

Drag and Drop Payment Element

Highlighting Key Features

Suggest an Amount Customization:

  • Provide up to 15 amount suggestions to your users.
  • Enable the “Other Amount” option where users can manually enter an amount.

Payment Element Customization Themes

Tracking Payments:

  • Upon form submission, payment details are included in submission details and under the “Transactions” section.

Transaction Details

Email Notifications:

  • Email notifications will reflect payment status and amount.

Email Payment Notification

##Important Notes

  • For NMI and, the First Name is a mandatory field while having a payment element in the form.
  • Refund amount will not currently be captured.
  • The old way of API-based Stripe connect is not supported.
  • In Calendars with custom form payment element, the Payment element will not display.
  • Multi payments with Multi native forms are not yet supported in the funnel.
  • Undo/Redo is not currently supported in the Payment element.

We’re constantly striving to enhance your experience with our services, and we’re excited for you to explore and leverage this new feature. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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