Introducing: Payments and Customer LTV Now Available on the Contacts Page

Introducing A Game-Changer: Payments and Customer LTV Now Available on the Contacts Page

We’re thrilled to announce our latest feature – viewing Payments and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) straight from the Contacts page. This crucial update aims to dramatically increase efficiency and give you a comprehensive view of customer transactions from one single location.

Enhancing Customer Information

A key facet of our new feature is the ability to see Customer LTV within the Contact Details page itself. This feature not only includes the total value of transactions from a particular customer. But will also display the date this contact became a customer – that is, the date when the first payment was made.

Image showing Customer Information

Streamlining Payment Processes

Our team understands the crucial role efficient and effortless transactions play in driving business growth. So we’ve integrated the capability to charge a saved card directly from the Contacts page. Yes, you read that right! You can now process payments without veering away from the page, thereby streamlining your operations.

This notable feature resolves common use cases of charging a card on call or in-store, thereby allowing you to charge your customers promptly and have every transaction meticulously recorded in your CRM.

Screenshot showing Payment Flow

For Customer LTV and customer association dates to be calculated, only live payments will be taken into account.

Default Settings

We’ve further simplified things by providing this feature under Labs and enabling them ‘ON’ by default. However, if you ever feel the need to disable this feature, you easily can. Just head over to the ‘Settings’ section and pick ‘Labs’.

Image showing the settings section
Image showing the Labs section

Aim to offer the most seamless experience for your customers while maximizing operational productivity with these small but impactful modifications.

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