Personalized Payment Links for Transactions

What’s New?

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows business users to efficiently manage personalized payment-links. This update provides the following capabilities:

  • Business users can now select multiple contacts and send personalized payment-links directly via email and SMS from the editor.
  • Configure custom email and SMS templates or use the default template to send personalized links.
  • When the customer opens the payment link from the template, their information (name, email, phone) will already be filled in, offering a seamless payment experience.
  • Users can copy the standard link or choose a contact from a dropdown to get a personalized payment link for that contact.

Why is this Important?

Increased Payments Conversion & Reduced Churn

Personalized payment-links streamline the payment process by pre-filling customer data, which helps in reducing churn and boosting payment conversion rates. Customers are more likely to complete the transaction when they do not have to fill out additional information.

Time Efficiency & Flexibility for Business Users

By sending payment links directly from the editor and using pre-configured templates, business users can save significant time and effort. This feature allows for quick generation and transmission of payment links, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

How to Use It

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab.
  2. Go to Payment-Links and click Edit.
  3. In the top right corner, you will see a Copy/Send button (available for saved links or after saving a new link).

Note: This feature is available for both newly saved and previously saved payment links.

What’s Next?

  • Ability to Prefill a Coupon: Coming soon, this feature will enhance marketing efforts by allowing pre-applied coupons on payment links, making purchases more attractive for customers.

Visual Guide

Screenshot of a payment interface with customer options. E-commerce platform's email campaign interface.  Screenshot of a CRM interface with promotional email.

Screenshot of payment link generation interface. Online checkout page displaying iPhone purchase form.

Screenshot of a marketing software's text template composition interface. Website editor screen showing yoga subscription template.


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