Introducing Powerful Enhancements to Invoice Management

Enhancements to Invoice Management Now Available!

We know managing your invoices is crucial to your business. That's why we're excited to announce some new features that solve major pain points and elevate the overall handling of your invoices.

Void Sent/Overdue/Paid Invoices

We've heard your feedback and we understand the pain of handling pending invoices that no longer have a chance of being paid. It's a fact of doing business – occasionally a client cancels in the middle of a scheduled recurring template and you're left with outstanding invoices.

To help you keep your payments statistics clean and clutter-free, we're introducing the ability to void sent, overdue or paid invoices. This provides you with the flexibility to manage exceptional situations without distorting your financial numbers.

It's important to note that if an invoice was paid (either through card payments or recorded manually), you'll need to fully refund the associated transaction first in order to void the paid invoice.

Note that voided invoices will no longer be visible in the default list view, but you can specifically filter for them using the Void filter if needed. Rest assured, if an invoice is voided, it has no effect on the invoice statistics displayed on the Invoices list page.

Refunds for Manual Payments

It doesn't end with voiding invoices. To offer more control over your financial management, we have added the option to fully or partially refund manual payments recorded on invoices. This comes in handy when dealing with variable payment situations and maintains the accuracy of your records.

Audit Logs for Transparency

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing transparency in all our features, we will maintain audit logs for all void, delete, and refund actions performed. This ensures you have a clear understanding of all transactions made on your platform.

Actions speak louder than words, check out these enhancements in action:

Void Invoice
Refund Manual Payments
Void Filter
Audit Logs

These features are now live and ready for you to try out. If you need help navigating these features, do not hesitate to contact us.

Try these new features today and experience a smoother, more streamlined invoice management process!

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