Introducing Printful Integration for Ecommerce Stores

New Product Update – Printful Integration for Ecommerce Stores

We are excited to announce our latest feature enhancement: the integration of Printful for Ecommerce stores. This update promises to streamline your business operations significantly by allowing for real-time synchronization between your Ecommerce store and Printful.

About Printful Integration

Printful is a leading on-demand printing and fulfillment service enabling businesses to create custom products without worrying about inventory, production, or shipping. Integrating your Ecommerce store with Printful allows for seamless operations, ensuring that any updates to products—whether creation, deletion, or fulfillment—are synced live with your store.

Why is this important?

  1. First-of-its-Kind Integration: This is the inaugural integration developed in our Marketplace Architecture, setting the stage for more to come.
  2. Third-Party Developer Opportunities: It opens the door for other third-party developers to create integrations using our Marketplace Architecture, thereby expanding the list of supported integrations.

How to integrate with your online store?

  1. Install the App: Store owners can install the Printful app from the App Marketplace. After installation, connect your account to your Printful store.
  2. Import Products: Import your Printful products into your account after successful authorization. Remember, imported products need to be manually enabled to publish in your online store.
  3. Place Orders: Users can place orders for Printful products in the online store after the store owner publishes them. Orders received will sync with your Printful account.
  4. Receive Notifications: Upon fulfillment from Printful, users will receive shipping details via email.

Functionality of the Printful Integration

  1. Product Import: Seamlessly import products from Printful to your selected eCommerce store location.
  2. Product Synchronization: Sync product updates—including creation, modification, and deletion—in real-time.
  3. Order Creation: Automatically create orders in Printful whenever an order is placed in your eCommerce store.
  4. Order Fulfillment Sync: Keep your order status up to date by syncing shipping information from Printful back to your store, covering both partial and complete fulfillments.
  5. Email Notifications: Users will receive email notifications with shipping details once an order is partially or fully fulfilled by Printful.

Things to Note

  • Product Description: During this iteration, product descriptions will not be imported due to Printful store limitations.
  • Product Publishing: Verify and publish products carefully, as some might only ship to specific locations. Detailed shipping information is available in Printful’s product catalog.
  • Correct Delivery Address: Ensure the delivery address is accurate; incorrect information will prevent the order from being created or synced in Printful.

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