Introducing Proposals and Estimates Trigger for Enhanced Workflow Automation

Proposals and Estimates Trigger Now Live In Workflows

At SMBcrm, we’re always burning the midnight oil to bring features that empower our users. Today, we're bringing you an exciting update that'll change the way you run your business.

You're now able to incorporate the Proposals and Estimates trigger directly into your workflows. This will add more flexibility and control in automating business tasks based on changes within a document.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The true beauty of this update is its versatility. Whether you want to update opportunity tags, send an invoice, assign tags to contacts, or maintain records using actions like Google Sheets or Slack – everything happens seamlessly after the proposal or estimate has been sent or signed by the recipient or completed by all participants.

Workflow image showing versatility

Fine-Tuning Your Triggers

This update lets you set specific triggers based on document statuses. For instance, you can activate a workflow when a document is:

1. Sent: The workflow gets activated when the document is marked as 'Sent' by your business.

2. Signed/Accepted: This is particularly impactful when the document has multiple recipients. It allows the workflow to begin when one of the recipients has signed or accepted the document.

3. Completed: It kicks off the workflow once all the recipients sign the document.

Fine-tuning triggers

A Smart New Update for Smart Businesses

This is a pivotal time-saving tool, especially for businesses with multiple scenarios needing different workflows. You can easily create If/Else branches based on the above conditions along with value or document type criteria.

Furthermore, you can use custom values for specific contacts to fulfill any use cases or send out unique notifications upon specific events or conditions.

Interested to see how this can revolutionize your operations? Request a demo here. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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