Introducing Resend Feature for Email Campaigns

Boost Engagement with our Exciting New Resend Feature for Email Campaigns

Good news to our esteemed users! We are delighted to introduce an innovative update that will enable you to resend your email campaigns to recipients who missed them the first time. This feature aims at enhancing engagement while minimizing the likelihood of complaints or unsubscriptions.

The Challenge

From various studies, it is evident that a significant number of emails often get lost in congested inboxes. Our new update was conceptualized to counter this widespread setback. We believe that every email campaign you send out should get the recognition it deserves.

The Solution

With a simple click, users can now resend campaigns to non-openers. They have the flexibility to adjust the subject line if necessary. Refreshing your message in this way can help decrease the risk of user complaints.

The Benefits

  • Improved Engagement: Targeting non-openers enhances your chances of witnessing a surge in engagement metrics.
  • Resourceful Content Utilization: Without putting in any extra effort, you’ll be able to extend the reach and impact of your carefully crafted content.

How to Utilize the New Feature

  1. Go to Email Marketing -> campaigns.
  2. Spot your sent campaigns and click on the three dots image.
  3. Select “Resend email to Unopened” image.
  4. Modify the settings for the email with your preferred subject and schedule time image.
  5. The resend campaign will be subsequently rescheduled image.

Please note:

  • You can resend emails within a span of 12 hours to 10 days after sending the original email. This schedule is designed to reduce complaints and align with industry standards.
  • The resend feature is not applicable for Batch schedule and RSS campaigns.
  • For guidance on how to maximize engagement and reduce complaints, visit our FAQ section.

Upcoming Enhancements:

  • You’ll soon be able to specify resend options in advanced settings while sending or scheduling the original email. Be on the lookout on the send or schedule screen.
  • We are working to provide linked analytics of original and sent emails.

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