Introducing: Resource View Side-by-Side Layout

We are excited to present to you a new enhancement to our application, the Resource View (Side-by-Side Layout)! This tool is designed to improve over-all user experience, particularly in scheduling and booking management.

New View: Side-by-Side Layout

With the newly unveiled side-by-side layout, you'll now be able to see your Users, Calendars, and Groups conveniently presented side-by-side. Accessing this new feature is as easy as selecting the Day View. Here, a horizontal list will be displayed, showcasing all your selected entities.

This initiative aims to simplify scheduling tasks and make quick, visually-informed decisions. Consider the ease and efficiency in your regular booking procedures!

User's Day View

Let's consider the User's Day View. In this feature, a horizontal list of users will be displayed, each with their individual day calendar under their names. Using this view, the available time slots are much easier to identify. Plus, comparing daily schedules among your staff or teams is done seamlessly.

Resource View (Side-by-Side Layout)

The Resource View (Side-by-Side Layout) is our latest solution for optimizing resource management and taking your scheduling to the next level. Take advantage of this time-saving feature now!

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