Introducing Seamless Proposal and Estimate Creation for Your Business

Enhancing Business Processes With Estimates and Proposals

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing update to our service offerings. Now, all users can natively create and send detailed proposals or estimates directly through our platform. This new feature is designed to streamline your business process, making it easier to present a comprehensive overview of your services and associated costs to prospective customers.

Power of Integrations

With this new feature, you can create a formatted document complete with customized fonts and styles, insert engaging headings and paragraphs, and even add links and bullet-point lists. Taking your proposal to the next level, you can now add images, videos and table elements, providing a more visual, informative and engaging representation of the proposed service.

Moreover, we have integrated a product list element. This valuable inclusion allows businesses to provide prospective clients with a cost approximation related directly to their proposed products or services. You can add individual product line items, apply tax calculations, and offer meaningful discounts to showcase the total cost variables associated with your proposal or estimate.

Digital Signatures for Efficient Authentications

Not only does this new integration make creating and issuing estimates and proposals a breeze, but it also ushers in the ability to accept digital signatures on all documents. After reviewing your carefully crafted document, potential clients or leads will be able to express their acceptance by adding a digital signature.

In line with regulatory requirements and our commitment to maintain a high level of data integrity, every digital signature is accompanied by a signature certificate. This certificate captures and secures necessary information, such as the IP address and customer's name/email, validating the digital signature and ensuring compliance. Naturally, the signature certificate will be added to the final page in the signed PDF document.

After your clients officially sign your document, our system automatically sends them a signed and completed copy of the PDF for their records.

This new integration is testament to our commitment to continuously improve and refine our services to meet our users' evolving needs.

Check our Updated Feature Today!

Embrace the future today by exploring the potential of our powerful new feature to streamline your proposals and estimates.

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