Introducing Seamless Receipt Automation: Boost Efficiency and Delight Customers

Automating Your Business with our New Receipt Feature

We are excited to announce the introduction of automated receipts for invoices and Text2Pay link payments, a new feature designed to streamline the receipt process for businesses and their customers.

Today's businesses need efficient, reliable, and automated solutions to facilitate their transactions. With our newly introduced automated receipts feature for invoices and Text2Pay link payments, businesses can send a confirmation receipt automatically when an invoice is successfully paid by the lead or contact. This covers one-time invoices, recurring templates, and Text2Pay link payments.

Customise Your Customer's Experience

Our automated receipts feature comes with customization options. Businesses can set a custom title for their receipts, add a unique prefix, and start number for receipt numbers. Further, you can choose a custom email template for sending out your receipts. The level of customization allows businesses to present a consistent brand image and carry their branding over into their transactions.

Receipts on the Go

Upon successful payment, receipts are swiftly sent as a PDF attachment to the contact's email using the chosen template. This instant delivery ensures that your customers receive a confirmation of their payment immediately, improving the customer's experience.

Custom Template Values

We understand the importance of personalization in today's marketing landscape. Therefore, we have made receipt custom values available in the email builder. This allows businesses to leverage a custom template for sending receipts, offering a more personalized engagement with customers.

Now, your confirmation receipt can reflect your business better, with the added prospect of boosting your lead nurturing strategies.

For more detailed information, please consider requesting a demo to see how our automated receipt feature can improve your business processes.

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