Introducing Seamless ‘Thank You’ Page Experience for Forms & Surveys

Exciting Improvements to Forms & Surveys User Experience

At SMBcrm, we're continually working to create an exceptional customer journey and enhance your user experience. We are thrilled to announce some significant improvements to our 'Thank You' page in long forms and surveys.

Improved Visibility for 'Thank You' Page in Long Forms

Previously, users completed lengthier forms and surveys and submitted them only to find that the 'Thank You' page was hidden at the top. To view this page, users had to manually scroll upward. But now, we're making interactions smoother and simpler. After this update, the 'Thank You' page will be immediately visible upon form or survey submission, eliminating the need for further scrolling.

Enhanced User Experience

Our latest update enhances the overall form and survey submission experience, engaging clients promptly with a thank you message after completion. This new feature seeks to reinforce our commitment to user satisfaction and increase engagement by providing immediate feedback.

We hope that these enhancements will significantly improve the satisfaction and interaction of our users. For any questions on how this improvement can be utilized, reach out to us through our contact page.

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