Introducing Seamless Transactions With Contact Linking in POS Payments

Introducing Seamless Transactions With Contact Linking in POS Payments

There’s a new breakthrough in transaction management: Linking Contacts to POS Payments. This game-changing feature has been designed for making your business operations crystal clear, organized, and efficient.

Streamlined Contact Integration in Transactions

Take the challenge out of tagging and tracking. Our system now allows you to link a specific contact to every transaction right from the moment you set the charge amount in our mobile Point of Sale (POS) module. This ensures high-level transaction tagging accuracy and traceability that you don’t want to miss out on!

Clear Transaction History With Contact Details

There’s something more to look forward to post-transaction. You will now get all details about the contact who made the payment: name, email, phone number, and more. Navigate to the transaction history page, tap on a transaction and you get instant access to all the contact information tied to that sale. It’s that simple!

Transaction Details With Contact

The sheer power of having such a feature is all about streamlining your data, enabling user-wise tracking, and personalizing customer engagement. Tag each transaction with a specific contact and you get a clear picture of the source of all payments – it just can’t get better!

How does it Work?

Ready to transform your transaction management with Contact Linking in POS Payments? Here’s a quick rundown of the steps:

  1. Fire up the POS module on your mobile device.
  2. Entering the transaction amount, be sure to link it to a contact from the top right of your screen.

Transaction Screen

Link Contact

  1. Upon transaction completion, find all contact details accessible in your transaction history.

Transaction History

  1. Not just that, but use these insights for more effective customer engagement and targeted campaigns.

We are thrilled to invite you to step into the future of transaction management with Contact Linking in POS Payments. Experiment and experience the positive difference it can make in clarity, organization, and understanding of your customers’ purchasing habits.

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