Introducing Search Bar Element in E-commerce Stores for Enhanced User Experience

Introducing Search Bar Element in E-commerce Stores for Enhanced User Experience

We are thrilled to upgrade your online eCommerce experience with the introduction of a new search bar element. Browsing through an extensive list of products can sometimes be daunting and may result in excellent products left undiscovered. Addressing this, we have enhanced the overall user experience on the website with a practical and robust solution.

Store owners can now take advantage of adding the search bar in two different ways; directly within the Navigation menu or as a dedicated element on the website. This feature will allow visitors to find exactly what they need, quickly and conveniently.

  1. Go to the page builder of your store and locate the Search Bar Element. You’ll find this under the Store section in the “Add elements”.
  2. If you’re inclined to have the search bar directly in your navigation menu, this can be enabled using the “Show Search Bar” toggle present in the navigation menu settings.
  3. Next step is to set the appearance. A few of the properties that can be configured are:
    • Search button color
    • Search input box text and background color
    • Search dropdown text and background color
    • Border color for the input field and dropdown
    • Font size and weights
  4. After making your tweaks, click on save/Publish to see your changes alive on your site!

Search Bar Configuration



Note that websites with stores can add this element into any page, be it a Store page or a non-store page. Please be aware that customization options for the navigation menu’s search bar are limited. All advanced customization features are available only in the standalone element.

The search suggestions in the dropdown will yield results based on the title or name of the product. Tapping on “search” will direct the user to the product list page, exhibiting search results corresponding to the title and description.

Search Suggestions

Search Result

We are pleased to bring forth this upgrade to help you create a smooth browsing experience for your e-commerce visitors. We continually strive to improve and enrich the way you interact and manage your online store with us.

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