Introducing Service Calendars in Our Mobile App

New Product Update – Service Calendars – Mobile App

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update to our Mobile Apps – The introduction of Service Calendars. Admins and users will now be able to access all their service appointments inside the calendar section as well as create new service appointments with any of their contacts. This update is available on the provided mobile apps.

What’s New

  1. View service calendar appointments
  2. Create new service calendar appointments

How It Works

  1. Open the mobile app with your preferred account selected.
  2. Head over to the calendars section. You will see all your service appointments under their relevant dates.
  3. To create a new service appointment, tap on the “+” button and tap on “Schedule appointment.”
  4. From the calendar dropdown, choose a service calendar that you have created on the web.
  5. You will then have to select the relevant room for the service. Once the room has been selected, equipment will automatically be assigned based on availability.
  6. Fill out all the other relevant details and hit save to successfully schedule the appointment!

Why It Matters

This update finally allows users to view and create service appointments from the mobile app, enhancing flexibility and productivity for managing service schedules on the go.


  • iOS & Android v3.74 or later


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