Introducing SMS Segment Count and Cost Estimation for Conversations

Conversations: SMS Segment Count and Cost Estimation 💬

Enhance Your SMS Communication with Segment Count and Cost Estimation

We’ve rolled out an exciting new improvement in our Conversations tool that will make your SMS communication process more efficient and cost-effective. This feature aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential costs associated with your SMS messages, helping you plan and budget better.

Key Highlights

  • Segment Count and Approximate Cost Display:
    • Users can now see the number of segments and the approximate cost of their SMS messages when using the SMS provider.
    • The estimate is based on the message composed, offering details such as approximate characters, number of segments, and approximate cost for US to US SMS.
  • Enhanced Cost Awareness:
    • Previously available in the SMS snippets screen, this crucial information is now integrated into the Conversations SMS composer. This brings consistency and convenience, enabling better cost management directly within the conversation interface.
    • By understanding the potential costs in advance, users can avoid unexpected charges and make informed decisions about their SMS campaigns.

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Benefits to Users

  • Cost Transparency:
    • Gain insights into the number of segments and costs associated with your SMS messages, allowing for precise budgeting and forecasting.
  • Better Message Management:
    • Optimize your SMS content to minimize costs without compromising the message quality.
  • Consistency Across Platforms:
  • Seamless integration of cost estimation features ensures consistency and ease of use across different aspects of SMS communication.

How to Make the Most of This Feature

To leverage this new feature, simply compose your SMS in the Conversations tool. You will instantly see the segment count and cost displayed, enabling you to tweak your message if necessary to stay within budget.

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