Introducing Standalone Tasks

Introducing Standalone Tasks: Efficiency and Flexibility at its Best

We’re excited to share a new update with you – the introduction of Standalone Tasks. This feature allows you to create and assign tasks to your team members without the need of a contact. This fresh addition to your toolset is designed to increase your team’s efficiency and flexibility.

Creating Tasks without a Contact

Until now, creating a task has always required a contact. But we understand that’s not always necessary or efficient. Now, from the “Tasks List View,” you can create tasks without the need for a contact. This feature is perfect for internal operations or when a task is not associated with any particular contact.

Screenshot of the task management interface.

Assign, Remove, or Reassign Contact to a Task

With this new update, you get more control over task assignment. You can assign, remove or reassign a contact to a task directly from the “Tasks List View”. This adds another layer of flexibility to how you manage tasks within your team.


Filtering for Unassigned Tasks

Navigate your tasks more efficiently with the introduction of the “Unassigned” filter option in contact filter. This filter allows you to streamline your view and focus on tasks without a contact.

Try this new robust feature and elevate your team’s productivity and management.

Do you have some thoughts or questions about this new feature? Feel free to contact us – we’re more than happy to help!

Not yet on board? Request a demo today and see how our platform can revolutionize your operations.

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