State Dropdown for Accuracy and Ease

State Dropdown in E-commerce Stores & Order Forms

In an ongoing effort to make our product more user-friendly and precise, we’ve made an adjustment to our E-commerce stores and order forms. We’ve encountered a few issues with mapping state codes to particular states when users had to manually enter this information. We have a solution to eliminate such issues – A ‘State/Province’ dropdown field.

Streamlined State Selection

From now onwards, our E-commerce stores and order forms will feature a dropdown for the ‘State/Province’ field. This means you don’t have to manually key in your state anymore – just select your country, and you’ll be presented with a list of states pertaining to that country.

This change will not only streamline your experience but also I mprove accuracy. It will facilitate, most directly, our ability to efficiently track addresses and states for your orders.

Link to Ecommerce Store Checkout Page Image

Improving the Future of SMBcrm

If you’re in a country that doesn’t have states, don’t worry, the state field will not be shown in such cases. This update not only helps to improve your current experience but also paves the way for exciting upcoming features!

Link to Order Forms Page Image

We look forward to sharing more enhancements and features with you in the future.

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