State/Province-Based Shipping Rates for Ecommerce Stores Introduced

Introducing State/Province-Based Shipping & Delivery Rates for Ecommerce Stores

Store owners often face challenges when setting up shipping and delivery charges for specific states and provinces within a country. With our new feature, you can now define shipping and delivery charges more efficiently and accurately for selected states or provinces.

How to Use

To set up shipping and delivery charges for your ecommerce store, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Payment > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Add Zones.
  2. While choosing zones, select specific states or provinces within the country.
  3. Set conditional pricing based on the amount for those specific zones.

Key Features

  • Differential Pricing: Create different shipping rates for multiple shipping zones based on states or provinces.
  • Unique Zones: Once a state or province is added to a zone, it cannot be added to another zone.
  • Conditional Rates: Define delivery rates for specific zones according to the cart’s total amount. For example, offer free shipping for orders above $500 or charge $10 if it’s below $500.


  • Free Shipping: If the order amount is above $500
  • Standard Shipping: Charge $10 if the order amount is below $500

Visual Guide

To better understand how to use this feature, refer to the images below:

image (19)
image (18)
image (20)
image (21)

Enhance your ecommerce store’s logistics by defining precise shipping rates based on your operational states or provinces, and provide a better experience for your customers.

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