Introducing Text Formatter Workflow Action

Exciting New Feature: The Text Formatter Workflow Action

We understand that handling data often requires formatting and tweaking it to meet your business needs. We are excited to introduce the Text Formatter Workflow Action – here to make your data formatting tasks much easier and efficient.

Types of Text Formatters and Their Use Cases

The feature provides multiple text formatter types, each designed to handle specific formatting needs.

Upper Case

Ideal for transforming user input to uppercase to ensure standardized data and consistency in output messages.

Lower Case

Perfect for standardising text for case-insensitive comparisons, or to lower-case user-provided content for uniformity.

Title Case

Converts text to title case, improving the presentation of titles and headings and enhancing the readability of specific content.


Capitalizes the first letter of the text, great for proper capitalization of names and titles.

Default Value

Returns the default value if the text is empty, or if text is present then return the text. This is useful for providing fallback content for missing data.


Shortens the text to a specified length, ideal for enforcing character limits on user-generated content.

Trim Whitespaces

Enhances the visual appeal of your text by removing whitespace from the beginning and the end.

Replace Text

A handy tool that replaces occurrences of specified text with a new value, perfect for updating outdated information in the text or customizing template-based content with dynamic values.


Locates the first occurrence of a specific text pattern within the text and returns its position. This can be used for identifying specific keywords in user-generated content.


Provides the character count of the text. Ideal for enforcing character limits on textual input.

Extract URL and Extract Email

Extracts the first URL or Email from the text. Useful for collating relevant information from provided texts.

Word Count

Provides the word count in the text, perfect for monitoring the length of user text.

Remove HTML Tags

Strips HTML tags from the text, ideal for cleaning up content for plain text representation.


Splits the text into multiple segments based on a specified delimiter.

How to Use Text Formatter Action?

Using the Text Formatter action is straightforward. Click on the "+" icon to add an action and you will find the Text Formatter in the Internal Tools category. From there, you can choose from an exhaustive list of Action Types.

There's an action available for every use case, whether you need to Trim, Split, or Capitalize text, and many others, Text Formatter can handle them all. Just follow the simple instructions on screen to get the data in the format you require.

Text Formatter Action Image

This new feature comes as part of our commitment to provide you with the best tools and services to streamline your operations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates this year.

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