Introducing the All-New Form Builder: Unleash Unprecedented Customization Opportunities!

Experiencing New Levels of Customization with Our Enhanced Form Builder

We're excited to bring you a major product update that elevates your customization capabilities like never before! In our latest form builder update, we've introduced new qualities to the Terms and Conditions element.

Let's explore what's new:

In response to your feedback, we've upgraded our element to allow the inclusion of clickable links directly within the Terms and Conditions content. Not only does this make your legal agreements more interactive, but it also ensures they're more accessible for your users.

As part of our commitment to providing a product that adapts to you and not the other way round, we've added two color control options. You can now adjust the color of your Terms and Conditions text as well as that of included links. This ensures your form is always a portrayal of your brand's identity and design preferences.

Reaping the Benefits of our Latest Update

Enhanced User Interactivity

Navigating through your online content has never been smoother, thanks to the new clickable links. It's all about keeping the user experience seamless and making every interaction count.

Visual Cohesion

With full control over text and link colors, maintaining consistency in your online content becomes effortless. This ensures that every element of your site aligns with your brand's visual identity.

Our Terms and Conditions element empowers you to incorporate vital links within your legal documents. By keeping the legalese visually engaging and interactive, we ensure that user compliance is never in doubt.

Relish the fresh levels of customization and keep an eye out for more game-changing updates from our tireless team at SMBcrm. We're always aiming to provide you with a product that's versatile, efficient, and user-centered.

For more in-depth details on our newest product updates, visit our comprehensive Product Updates page.

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