Introducing the Cart Icon: Streamlined Navigation for E-commerce Stores

Exciting Feature Update: Introducing the Cart Icon for E-commerce Stores

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline your online store management and improve your customers’ shopping experience, we’re introducing a new feature: the Cart Icon.

This feature automatically adds a “Cart Icon” to the navigation menu of all newly created e-commerce stores. Excluding the “Checkout page”, this icon will appear on all e-commerce pages. The Cart Icon not only helps users to navigate to the cart page with a single click, but also provides a real-time update on the number of items in the cart.

This feature offers the benefit of improved site navigation and an enhanced shopping experience for your customers, which can help increase conversions and sales.

How to Use the New Cart Icon Feature

Accessing and using the cart icon is simple and direct.

  1. For all e-commerce store pages, a cart icon is automatically added to the right side of the newly added navigation menus.
  2. Alternatively, a standalone cart icon is available under the ‘Elements -> Stores’ section in the builder. This can be used to add a cart icon to any spot on your site.

To match your branding, you can customize the Cart Icon color. This includes the “active color”, which appears when items are in the cart. Both these colors can be customized in both the navigation menu settings and the cart element settings.


For more information about this update and other features that can boost your online store, feel free to visit our FAQ page.

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