Introducing the End IVR Call Feature for Improved User Experience

Introducing the End IVR Call Feature for Improved User Experience

We’re thrilled to announce a new update: the End IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call feature. This new feature gives workflow owners the ability to terminate an IVR call from their end, streamlining the communication process and enhancing the user’s experience.

Addressing a Key Challenge

Up until now, workflow creators were unable to terminate calls from their end, which allowed potential for user dissatisfaction. After the completion of IVR actions, users were required to wait, often listening to hold music, until the workflow reached its conclusion.

The Solution: End IVR Call Feature

This new enhancement is designed to:

  • Prevent users from being indefinitely subjected to hold music
  • Directly decrease IVR call durations for users once IVR actions have been completed.

By integrating this feature, SMBcrm aims to prioritize user experience and efficiency in communication workflows. To learn more about how to effectively use this feature, visit our support page.

Customizing the End IVR Call Options

The End IVR call feature comes with three custom types:

  1. End Abruptly: By default, the IVR call will be terminated instantly without any warning or message.image
  2. Text Message: Workflow owners can type a custom text message that will be played a certain number of times before the IVR call is ended.image
  3. Custom Music: Workflow owners can opt to play a voice message, branded music, or other audio before the call is terminated. The number of loops can also be specified.

This new feature underscores our commitment to providing more control and flexibility to our users. We will continue to identify areas of potential improvement to enhance the SMBcrm experience.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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