Introducing the Enhanced Client Portal Dashboard: Boost Efficiency and Streamline User Management

Introducing the New Client Dashboard for Enhanced User Experience

We are dedicated to continuously improving your user experience on our platforms, and with that commitment in mind, we're thrilled to announce our most recent product update: The New Client Portal Dashboard. This upgraded interface aims to boost your efficiency, provide real-time insights, and improve user management.

New Features to Look Forward-To

Easier Comparison of Portal Joiners and Invitations

Your dashboard now enables you to compare the number of portal joiners versus the volume of invitations sent. This comparative insight allows you to gauge the success of your invitations and understand your user onboarding process better.

Dashboard comparison

Simplified Sharing of Client Portal URL

Sharing your client portal URL is easier than ever. Enhance your communication process by copying and sharing your client portal URL directly from the dashboard.

Url Sharing

Create and Send Magic Links

Further boosting user experience, you can now create and send magic links to your contacts. With these unique URLs, your contacts can quickly and securely access specific sections of the portal without manual navigation.

Magic Link

Seamlessly Invite Users to Your Client Portal

Inviting users to your client portal has been simplified. A few clicks, and your user receives an invitation right to their inbox.

Inviting Users

How to Access the New Dashboard

Navigate the new portal by going through the following steps: From the Left Navigation Bar -> go to Sites -> select Client Portal -> Click on Dashboard.

Ultimately, all these enhancements were made keeping your convenience in mind. We hope this update means a more effortless, more streamlined user management process for your business.

Explore Our Upgraded Dashboard Today!

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