Introducing the Enhanced Dashboard Widgets: Discover the Power of the “IS ALL OF” Operator

We excitedly announce the launch of a robust new feature to our dashboard widgets―the “IS ALL OF” operator. This operator upgrade will significantly enhance your ability to detail and report on your insights.

Here’s How It Works:

Envision needing to filter contacts tagged with A, B, and C. With our new operator, you can streamline this process by easily choosing the filter “Tags IS ALL OF A, B, C”. Once selected, the widget will readily showcase all contacts that are associated with all three tags, further refining your data for more insightful decision-making. We have integrated an image showing these actions for added clarity. image

Why This Matters:

Through this new operator, our goal is to empower you to pick multiple parameters seamlessly, making it simpler for you to refine and custom-tailor your data. Regardless of whether you’re tracking sales, examining user behavior or monitoring specific unvarying criteria, the “IS ALL OF” operator ensures that your dashboard delivers sharper and more precise output.

Additional Points of Note:

This functionality also allows for users with tags A, B, C, and even D to still be adequetaly captured under the discussed condition. It does this by focusing on users who satisfy the established criteria of having tags A, B, and C simultaneously.

The new “IS ALL OF” operator paves the way for an upgraded dashboard experience, simplifying data insights to the click of a filter!

Smoothly incorporate this feature into your operations and witness the enhanced ease of tailoring your insights to meet your specific needs. In case you missed it, find more about our helpful feature introductions over at our product updates section.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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