Introducing the Essential Consent Checkbox for Flawless Compliance

SMBcrm is dedicated to ensuring your lead generation efforts remain compliant with fluctuating international regulations. We're proud to introduce our latest feature addition – a vital Consent checkbox specifically for our Calendar default forms. This intuitive upgrade assists you in maintaining compliant with the latest A2P (Application-to-Person) regulations within the United States.

New Enhancements

Now available via your Calendar settings, the new Consent checkbox addition will appear automatically when opting to use our default form for gathering contact details. The feature easily integrates with your workflow and helps ensure that all phone number field data collected via your Lead 365 Calendar remains within A2P regulatory compliances.

These consent checkmarks on default form submissions will not only aid in ensuring regulatory adherence but will continue to uphold the trust built between you and your customers.

Advantages and Key Benefits

  • A2P Regulatory Compliance: This latest release ensures that your sales process remains robust and globally compliant. By obtaining consent for gathering phone contacts during scheduling, you can maintain unblemished adherence to the upcoming A2P regulations.

  • Personalization & Flexibility: The new consent checkbox feature gives you the power to tailor the Terms and Conditions in the form as needed, thus aligning with the specific requirements of your individual clients.

We firmly believe that this feature will elevate your customer interactions, fortifying trust, and ensuring overall compliance.

For inquiries, please visit our contact us page or get detailed information at our FAQs section.

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