Introducing the Exciting New Live Chat Feature

Introducing the New Live Chat Feature for Real-Time Communication

We're excited to introduce our newest feature: Live Chat! This real-time communication tool allows direct interaction with users through web chat, enabling instant two-way conversations with visitors on your site.

Easily Setting Up Your Live Chat

Setting up your Live Chat is a breeze. Simply navigate to Sites > Chat Widget > Chat Type > Live Chat on your account dashboard. Once there, you will be guided through the set-up process.


Bespoke Chat Widget Design and Functionality

The Live Chat feature comes with a versatile chat widget. This widget allows you to customize its appearance to fit your branding, from color schemes to your own avatar. Additional functionalities include:

  • Personalize introductory messages to effectively engage your visitors.
  • Configure fallback time settings for times when you are inactive.
  • Craft acknowledgment messages that will be displayed within the chat widget settings.
  • Implement your legal messages right into your chat.
  • Obtain the chat widget code for easy website integration.


Conversations With Context

Live chat also seamlessly integrates with Conversations, our messaging channel. This allows you to maintain continuous, easy communication with your website visitors, right from your account.

There are also two new manual actions available when using Live Chat:

  1. "Request Contact Details": Lets you send a contact detail form to your web visitors.
  2. "End Live Chat": Allows you to conclude the chat conversation when it has been successfully resolved.


The new Live Chat feature invites you to create direct, meaningful connections with your website visitors in real time, increasing engagement, and efficiency. Make sure to give it a try!

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Introducing SMBcrm

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