Lost Reason Filter for Opportunity Widgets

Exciting Product Update: Introducing the Lost Reason Filter for Opportunity Widgets

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Lost Reason filter for Opportunity widgets!

What’s New?

  1. New Widget: The Lost Opportunities by Reason widget now includes a breakdown of opportunities based on the reasons they were lost.
  2. New Filter: We’ve added a lost reason filter to widget conditions for more precise analysis.
  3. New Properties: The lost reason is now available in both the Group by and View by properties for widget configuration.
  4. Interlinked Properties: Dig deeper into specific lost reasons to uncover valuable insights.
  5. Table Widget Enhancement: The lost reason column is now selectable in the table widget for detailed opportunity insights.

How It Works

To Add the New Widget:

  1. Head to your Dashboard.
  2. In Edit mode, click on Add widget.
  3. Choose Lost Opportunities By Reason under Opportunities.

New Widget

To Filter Out for a Specific Lost Reason:

  1. Add Status IS Lost in conditions.
  2. Choose a child filter to add a specific Lost reason.

Screenshot of business dashboard tracking lost opportunities and trends.

To Add Lost Reason Column in Table Widget:

  1. Create a table chart for opportunities.
  2. Click on Select columns.
  3. Choose lost reason.
  4. Save your widget.

Why it Matters

  • Targeted Follow-Up: Personalize follow-up strategies based on specific reasons for opportunity loss, boosting re-engagement success.
  • Problem-Solving Precision: Pinpointing reasons for lost opportunities enables targeted solutions, enhancing sales strategies.
  • Focused Resource Allocation: Allocate resources to primary loss factors to optimize efficiency and fuel strategic growth.

Important Note

To enable the Lost reason option in the Group by and View by properties, make sure to add Status IS Lost.

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