Introducing the Membership Switcher

Exciting Feature Update: Introducing The Membership Switcher

We are pleased to unveil a new feature for efficiency and flexibility: the Membership Switcher. This tool allows users the ability to switch easily between their Client Portal and Membership Legacy – all it takes is a single click. This function not only streamlines the transition but also enriches user experience by providing further adaptability in managing their account.

Key Features of the Membership Switcher

Now, you can utilize both the Memberships and Client Portal concurrently. Switch between the two modules as per your ease, with the helpful Membership Switcher feature.

Moreover, users who are looking to use courses PWA are in for a treat. The courses PWA is exclusively supported in Memberships. With the Membership Switcher, the process is simplified to make the migration to Memberships effortless, subsequently allowing you to access the PWA.

Membership Switcher Image

How To Access The Membership Switcher?

Positive user experience is at the heart of our services. In line with that, accessing the Membership Switcher is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Proceed to ‘Memberships’.
  2. Within Memberships, navigate to ‘Sites’.
  3. Click on ‘Read More’ located adjacent to the banner.

Enabling the switch empowers you to administer your account with greater functionality and ease. For any inquiries on this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in our platform. We are committed to continuous innovation to make your experience with SMBcrm better.

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