New Restore Calendar Functionality

Latest Product Update: Empowering You With a New Restore Calendar Functionality

Good news! We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re excited to announce the implementation of a new feature that addresses one of our users’ most frequent requests – the ability to effortlessly restore specific calendars and their associated appointments directly within our application.

Unveiling The “Restore Calendar” Feature

The new “Restore Calendar” functionality enables users to recover deleted calendars along with their appointments in just a few clicks. This feature fills a critical need, offering users the ability to easily undo actions and recover valuable information.

How to Operate The New Feature

  1. Simply navigate to Settings > Audit Logs.
  2. Identify the log entry corresponding to the deleted calendar.
  3. Click on the three dots next to the log entry and select “Restore.”
  4. Voila! Your calendar, along with all its previously deleted appointments, will be successfully restored.

Images below for reference:

image (18) image (19) image (20)

Helpful Reminders

Please keep in mind the following when using the “Restore Calendar” feature:

  • If a calendar was deleted, all appointments associated with it would also have been removed.
  • Appointments deleted within ±30 minutes of the calendar deletion time will indeed be restored.
  • However, any appointments not fitting within this timeframe will unfortunately not be recovered.
  • Audit logs are kept for a maximum of 60 days. To avoid data loss, ensure timely restoration of deleted calendars.

We believe this new feature will significantly enhance user experience and data management on the SMBcrm platform.

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