Introducing the New User Interface for Email Builder: Enhancing Your Email Creation Experience

New User Interface for Email Builder Templates and Campaign Lists

We're excited to announce that we've revamped the user interface (UI) for our Email Builder, specifically pertaining to the Email Templates and Campaign List View. Our goal with these changes is to create an improved user experience that aligns with the modern, user-friendly approach of our other services and products.

Updating for an Enhanced User Experience

Clarity and readability play vital roles in how users interact with our services. Our newly designed UI focuses on enhancing readability with clear labeling, appropriate spacing, and intuitive icons. You'll find navigating lists and dropdown options significantly faster and smoother. After all, an efficient interface not only boosts productivity but also saves your precious time.

Consistency and Brand Identity

Brand identity is crucial, and a seamless UX across all devices and platforms is pivotal for consistency. With this new UI, we aim to extend SMBcrm's signature style to the Email Builder, reinforcing our brand identity.

Performance Optimization

Performance is key for a positive UI/UX, especially for platforms dealing with significant data volumes. Our new UI better leverages modern technologies and best practices for rendering, which ensures smooth performance. Time spent waiting for pages to load can now be dedicated to creating compelling email content.

Scope and Utility of the Updates

The UI for the Email List, 'Create Option,' and 'Action Dropdown' sections in the Email Builder has been updated. For a sneak peek into the new look, check out the images below:


Further, we also plan to extend these changes and tweaks to the 'Send' and 'Schedule' screens in this quarter! Keep your eyes peeled for these updates.

In Case You Missed It

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