Opportunities List View via Labs

New Product Update – Opportunities List View

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform: the introduction of the List View for Opportunities, now available via Labs.

What is List View?

The new tabular View transforms how you can interact with your opportunities by providing a detailed, streamlined, and customizable view.

Opportunities in a Listed View

See all your opportunities organized in a clear, tabular format.
Opportunities in a listed view

Sorting Across Fields

Easily sort your opportunities by multiple fields – Opportunity Name, Value, or Date Created.
Sorting across fields

Customizable Fields

Choose which fields you want to display in your list view. You can also resize and reorder these fields.
Customizable fields

Full Feature Parity with Board View

All the features like the Advanced filters and Search functionality in the board view are available in the list view too.
Full feature parity with board view

How to Access:

To start using the List View for Opportunities:

  1. Go to Labs in your account settings.
  2. Enable the “Opportunities List View” feature.
  3. Navigate to your Opportunities section and switch to the List View from the top-right toggle.
    How to access list view

Benefits of the List View:

The List View offers several key advantages that can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Check out more opportunities displayed in the same view.
  • Increased Customization: Tailor your columns to display or export the information that matters most to you.

> Note: This feature is currently in Labs and may disrupt custom CSS/JS changes across all your Opportunity views. Please complete all your major changes before the Live Date (tentatively July 20, 2025) to avoid any possible disruptions.

For more information on our latest features and updates, visit our Product Updates page.

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