Introducing The Partial Payment Feature for Invoices

Meet The Partial Payment Feature for Invoices

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm now allows business users to record partial payments for invoices. This function, found within our ‘Record Payment’ section, empowers businesses with the flexibility to mark invoices as paid in parts. For instance, this feature will come in handy when a customer submits an offline part payment. Now, recording these transactions has become easier and more efficient.

Below, you’ll find how this new feature works!

Screenshot showing Record Payment Option

Users can input a custom payment amount that is less than or equal to the total invoice and mark it as paid by clicking the ‘Record Payment’ option under the invoice list view.

In return, SMBcrm will generate receipts and transactions for these partial payments. Moreover, it will also take care of notifying your customers on your behalf! You’ll be glad to know that it goes a step further by allowing business users to employ the Invoice and Payment received trigger for custom applications.

Screenshot showing Partial Payment Entry

After a part payment has been applied to an invoice, the invoice’s status changes to ‘Partially Paid.’ However, this doesn’t prohibit customers from making additional online payments towards the partially paid invoice.

Image showing Status Change to Partially Paid

The amount due and the amount paid for the invoice are kept track of, and they can be found under the invoice custom values in the email builder. This feature ensures businesses have a clear overview of the total amount for the invoice, the outstanding amount, and the amount already received.

Screenshot showing Invoice Custom Values

Still need more information? Rent a slot with request a demo. Our team will be happy to walk you through the partial payment feature in detail, along with answering all your queries.

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