Introducing the Revolutionary Image Editor: Enhance Your Visual Game!

We're excited to introduce our new Image Editor feature for SMBcrm. This unique feature promises to enhance your visual content, making it more vibrant and engaging.

Benefits of Image Editor

The brand-new Image Editor will revolutionize the outlook of your visual content. Here's how:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: The Image Editor lets you modify brightness, contrast, saturation, and color balance to produce vibrant and visually engaging images.
  2. Correction of Imperfections: The Image Editor also houses tools to correct imperfections like red-eye, blemishes, and scratches to improve image quality.
  3. Creative Freedom: With a variety of creative tools like filters and effects, the Image Editor assists you in creating unique images by experimenting with different styles.
  4. Cropping and Resizing: Crop images to focus on specific details or resize them to meet specific requirements.

How to Utilize the Image Editor

  1. When creating a post using the post composer, click on the image and edit it by applying filters, adjusting size, and making other visual enhancements.
  2. If you are using CSV, add images in the file and edit these images in the review and schedule state.
  3. If you are using the Template Library, you can edit the images from the template library in the review and schedule state to set your images apart.
  4. You can use the Image AI to generate an image, resize, add visual effects, and include content within the image.

Visit the Social Planner to see the Image Editor in action.

The Future of Image Editing

We're constantly improving our product. In the future, expect:

  1. Support for AI-edited images.
  2. Ability to add personalized text.
  3. Sticker and emoji support on Image

Enhance your visual game today with our new Image Editor!

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