Introducing the “Task Completed” Trigger: Streamline Your Workflow Efficiency

Exciting News: Introducing the "Task Completed" Trigger for Workflow!

We are thrilled to announce a new enhancement to our workflow functionalities. Responding to the needs of our users for more control and actionable insights, we are introducing the "Task Complete" trigger.

Task Completed Trigger

A Deeper Glimpse into the "Task Completed" Trigger

The new "Task Completed" trigger is designed to activate once a task changes its status to "completed". This trigger will provide real-time notifications, allowing you to effectively track task completion and thereby improving overall productivity.

Supported Filters: An Added Layer of Customization

In ensuring that this trigger meets you right at the point of your needs, we have incorporated additional filters. These supported filters cover "Assigned User" and "Contact Custom Fields."

These filters provide you a further layer of customization and control over what triggers the workflow. For instance, with "Assigned User," you'll be notified whenever a team member completes assigned tasks. Similarly, "Contact Custom Fields" allows isolating unique cases based on the customized parameters you establish within your contacts.

Enhance Your Workflow Efficiency!

With the new "Task Completed" trigger, you'll enhance your workflow efficiency by always being in the know. No more trying to track down task statuses or awaiting manual updates.

Excited to Use the "Task Completed" Trigger?

Visit our workflow page to learn more about the "Task Completed" trigger and how it works.

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