Introducing the Text Formatter Workflow Action

Exciting New Product Update: Introducing the Text Formatter Workflow Action

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the new Text Formatter workflow action to our suite of services! This handy feature is designed to adjust your data into a useable format customised for your needs.

How Does the Text Formatter Workflow Action Help?

Seeing as data doesn’t always come in the format you need, the Text Formatter workflow action steps in to tweak your data, helping to streamline your work. This tool offers various formatting options designed to enhance your data’s usability.

Different Types of Text Formatters and Use Cases

Here, we introduce the different Text Formatters and their potential uses:

Upper Case

The Upper Case feature transmutes all characters in text to uppercase, hence standardizing data capitalization for consistent output messages.

Lower Case

The Lower Case feature changes text to lowercase, perfect for creating uniformity in user-provided content.

Title Case

The Title Case feature enhances the presentation of headers by capitalizing the first letter of each word in a text, thus uplifting its readability.


This feature capitalizes the first letter of a text, creating an aesthetic appeal for specific content.

Default Value

This feature returns a default value if the text is empty, but when the text is present, it returns that text. This ensures a consistent response even when dealing with incomplete data.


Trim shortens the text to a specified length. Useful for generating brief preview snippets and for enforcing typed characters limits on user-generated content.

Trim Whitespaces

Removes spaces from the beginning and end of a text passage. It enhances readability and improves the format of user-generated content.

Replace Text

Replace Text allows you to replace portions of your original text with new information.


Locates the first occurrence of a specific pattern within the text and returns its position.


This feature provides the character count of your text.

Extract URL and Email

These features are designed to extract the first URL or Email address from a given text.

Word Count

This provides the word count in your text.

Remove HTML Tags

Strips out HTML tags to clean up HTML content for plain text representation.


The Split feature splits your text into multiple segments based on a specific delimiter.

Text Formatter In Action

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use the Text Formatter action:

  1. First, click on the “+” icon to add an action. You can find the Text Formatter in our Internal Tools category or directly search for the action in the search bar.


  1. Select the Text Formatter action and choose from the list of Action Types.


  1. Customize your chosen action. For example, selecting the Trim action will prompt you to specify the length to which you want your text trimmed, with options to skip character from the start and add an ellipsis to the end of the text.


  1. The Split action gives you the power to break down comma-separated values into individual elements.


Experience the power of the Text Formatter workflow action by requesting a demo.

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