Introducing Ultimate GPT 4 Turbo for Automations

Unleashing the Power of GPT 4 Turbo in Automations

The team at SMBcrm is excited to introduce the enhancements we’ve made to our action capability. With these new features, our users will have access to the transformative power of the latest generative pre-trained model, GPT 4 Turbo, all within your existing workflows and at no additional cost to you.

Choose Your Model

As part of this new rollout, you can now select from a range of models. While the default selection will be GPT 3 Turbo, GPT 4 Turbo will now be available in the dropdown for the adventurous and ambitious users looking to take their workflow to the next level.

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Select Your Action Type

Unsure of which prompt to use? You can now leverage our pre-made action types. With one click, your prompt will auto populate and the action can be adapted accordingly. You can now choose from options such as “Analyze Text Sentiment”, “Summarize Text”, “Translate”, or “Custom”. Nab that edge with just the right action for your unique situation.

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Spice up your interaction and engagement with SMBcrm. Click on the “+” icon, search for “GPT powered by OpenAI”, select your preferred model, and choose your action type. If you wish to write your own prompt, you can use the Custom action type. Otherwise, choose from any of the pre-populated prompts available in other action types.


The enhanced capabilities with GPT 4 Turbo comes at 2x per execution of GPT 3.5. If you prefer to stick with GPT 3.5 Turbo, the cost-per-execution will remain the same. View your plans pricing here.

So, why wait? Unfold the possibilities with GPT 4 Turbo upgrades today and take your productivity and efficiency to new heights with SMBcrm.

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