Introducing: Timezone Capture in Form/Survey Submissions!

Exciting Product Update: Rollout of Timezone Capture in Form/Survey Submissions!

Fantastic news for all SMBcrm users, we’re thrilled to announce that our forms and surveys functionality just got a major enhancement with the introduction of automatic timezone recording!

New and Improved: Automatic Timezone Recording

The new addition now empowers our forms and surveys to capture the timezone of users precisely at the moment they submit their responses. This wonderful feature strengthens your data collection capabilities and offers even more detailed insights into your respondents.

Key Advancements to Look Out For

  • Deepened Data Insights: Our new feature enables you to apprehend the timezone of each of your respondents, adding an additional layer to the context of every form or survey submission that you receive.
  • Customizable Settings: We’ve granted you full control over this new feature, allowing you to easily toggle the timezone capture functionality on or off within your form or survey settings depending on your requirements.

Understanding the Workflow

  1. Enabling Timezone Feature: To get started, just activate the “Enable Timezone” option within your form or survey settings.
  2. Automated Detection and Recording: Once the feature is live, SMBcrm will autonomously detect the user’s timezone and merge this information with each submission, all without requiring any extra steps from you.

Note: To ensure you immediately start reaping the benefits of this marvelous enhancement, the timezone feature comes activated by default.

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As always, if you have further queries or require any assistance, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

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