Introducing Tips in Our Invoice System

Invoices: Introducing Tips


We are excited to announce a new feature for our invoice system—business users can now configure and accept tips on their invoices. This capability adds a new layer of flexibility for services-based businesses, making it easier to reward staff for stellar performance directly through the invoice process.

What’s New?

  • Acceptance of Tips: Business users can now accept tips on all invoice types, whether one-time, recurring, from workflows, documents, or contracts.
  • Flexible Payment Options: End users can choose to tip as a percentage of the total invoice amount or select a custom amount based on their preference.
  • Configuration Flexibility: Tips can be configured globally across all invoices or on a per-invoice basis.
  • Refund Capability: Users have the option to refund the entire invoice amount, including any tipped amount, if necessary.

How to Use It

  1. Enable Tips on Invoices:

    • Navigate to Settings within Invoices.
    • Click on Payments Settings.
    • Select Invoice Tips, enable, and save.
  2. Set Up Tips on Invoices:

    • Go to the Invoices Tab.
    • Click on Create New Invoice or Create New Recurring Invoice.
    • Click on the three dots at the top and select Manage Tips.
    • Choose the percentage options you want.

With these easy steps, you can start sending and accepting tips effortlessly.

Why This Feature?

This new feature enables service-oriented businesses to include an option for customers to leave tips, providing an easy way to reward top performers directly through the invoice. It adds a seamless way for businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and employee incentives.

What’s Next on Tips?

  • CSV View: We plan to introduce a CSV view for the tip amounts in transactions to streamline financial tracking.
  • Tagging Tips: An option to tag a tip to a specific user is also on the roadmap, ensuring that tips go directly to the intended recipients.

We hope you find this new feature valuable and look forward to your feedback.

Request a Demo to see this feature in action.

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