Introducing Transaction Filtering: Precision and Speed in Your Data Management

Introducing Transaction Filtering: Precision and Speed in Your Data Management

If anything should be quick and efficient, it should be handling your transaction data, right? We’re privileged to announce the release of a new feature in our Point-of-Sale (POS) systems—Transaction Filtering. This advanced tool thrives at keeping your transaction data sorted and readily available.

Advanced Filtering: Classify Your Transaction Data

Transaction Filtering gives you the power to sift through your transaction data with an unprecedented efficiency. Filter by transaction type—it could be POS transactions or other types—and swiftly pinpoint the status of each transaction. Status could be successful, failed, cancelled, processing, pending, refunded, or even partially refunded.

Comprehensive Date Range Selection: Reach into Your Transaction History

Let’s not forget the importance of chronology in data management. Thanks to our adaptable date filtering options, you can dive deep into your transaction history. Choose from preset ranges such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 28 days, last month, or the last 90 days. Alternatively, you can customize your search with a specific date range, allowing you to get the exact data you need.

Contact-Specific Transaction Insights: Understanding Your Customer Better

Transaction Filtering takes a step further by offering the ability to filter transactions based on contact details. Simply input the name, email, or phone number of a contact, and our intelligent system will show all transactions related to that individual. This is designed to work harmoniously with the other filters, delivering a panoramic view of your customer interactions.

Transaction Details in Contact Cards: History at a Glance

Besides these remarkable filtering capabilities, a feature that shows the full transaction history of a contact within their contact card comes in the pack. Meaning, every contact in your POS system now offers direct access to an exhaustive log of all their transactions. This further enables you to understand each customer’s interaction history better.

Why Transaction Filtering Matters

This feature can be the magic wand for those seeking a detailed approach to managing transactions. It fortifies your capacity to classify and analyze transaction data, leading to improved customer knowledge and more targeted business tactics.

Experience the Power of Our Revolutionary Transaction Filtering

Are you ready to take your data management experience up a notch? Here’s how you can optimize the use of Transaction Filtering:

  1. Log into your POS system and navigate to the transactions page.
  2. Utilize the intuitive filter options to sort transactions by type, status, and date range.
  3. Enter a contact’s details (name, email, or phone number) to pull out specific transaction insights.
  4. Combine different filters for a customized data view that fulfills your unique business requirements.

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