Introducing Unified Account Management With Multiple Google Business Profile Connect

Introducing Unified Account Management With Multiple Google Business Profile Connect

We’re shaking up the way you manage your Google Business Profile (GBP) pages by introducing a new feature that allows multiple GBP pages to be connected to a single account. This gives you the convenience of unifying your digital presence across various locations or business units, all managed from one convenient location.

Centralize Your Conversations

With multiple GBP pages linked to a single account, the headache of switching back and forth to manage messages is now a thing of the past. Our new Conversations Tab brings together all your GBP messages into one easy-to-navigate location.

Each message also displays the corresponding page it came from, taking the guesswork out of organization. This allows for improved response efficiency and seamless management of customer communication.

Unified Contact Management

Managing contacts from different GBP pages often poses a significant challenge. With our new update, all contacts created via messages or reviews are now stored under a connected account. Each contact also comes with mentioned source information, providing a clear picture of which page the customer contact originated from.

Simplify Review Management

The importance of responding to and managing reviews is undisputed. With the integration of all reviews from connected GBP pages under the Reputation Tab, keeping track of your customer feedback has never been easier. This centralized system not only simplifies review management but also enables faster and more efficient responses.

This update has been developed with a clear focus on enhancing end user experience. Our aim is to provide you with a platform that streamlines your operations, saving your time and resources while maximizing your business potential.

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