Introducing Version History for Forms and Surveys

Introducing Version History for Forms and Surveys

We’re excited to announce a new feature that will add more efficiency and control to your form and survey handling – the Version History. This significant update lets you monitor modifications to your forms and surveys, which will lead to better management of form and survey versions.

New and Innovative Features

Automatic Version Creation: With our new feature, each time you make and save changes in form or survey, a new version is created automatically. This automatic versioning prevents loss of vital information and aids in systematic progression.

Edit Tracking Simplified: Every edit generates a unique version, contributing to detailed version tracking. Now, you never have to worry about losing track of your changes.

Version Preview: Take a trip down memory lane. You can now preview any previous version of your form or survey from within the builder itself. Through the versions icon, explore the list of all available versions, each stamp-instated with timestamps and version numbers.

Restore Previous Versions: Everybody makes mistakes, and now you can correct yours with ease. The feature allows you to restore your form or survey to any previous version needed.

Enhanced Version Management: With our upgraded interface, navigating through and comparing different versions becomes intuitive and easy.

Form and Survey Version History
Version Preview
Restore Versions
Version Management

The version history tool enhances form and survey management by offering a confident means to track changes and continually have the choice to revert when required. Benefit from more control and order over your forms and surveys.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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