SMBcrm Unveils Exciting Enhancements to Client Portal

Exciting Enhancements to SMBcrm’s Client Portal

At SMBcrm, we’re big believers in constant development and progress. We’re thrilled to bring you a series of new enhancements to our Client Portal that will not only make your experience smoother but also add a personal touch to user interactions.

Optional Password and Set Password

We understand the need for flexibility and security, which is why we’ve introduced the option for you to set your own password. This feature remains optional, keeping you in charge.

For those of you setting a password for the first time, we’ve streamlined the process, providing a straightforward flow to get you up and running.

Reset Password Issue Now Fixed!

We’ve resolved the issue some users faced with password resets. Now, you can rely on the reset flow to work seamlessly, offering you peace of mind.

Multiple User Screen Enhancements

Our new update ensures that the last logged-in user appears at the top of your screen, making it easier to pick up where you left off. Plus, avatars and Full Names are now displayed on the multiple user interface, adding a friendly and personal touch.

Google Sign-On Support

Our system now supports sign-ups and sign-ins through your Google account. This is a quick, convenient way to access your account and stays in line with our commitment to making your experience better.

Login Fixes

To avoid the creation of duplicate contacts, new sign-ups will now streamline with existing contacts. Moreover, we’ve stopped email invites for communities from creating additional contacts.

Our team is also actively working to fix the issue of user creation triggers from workflows and smart lists causing duplicate contacts.

Firebase Integration with Common Components

We’ve integrated with Firebase, paving the way for potential integrations of notifications into other apps and presenting a more fluid mobile native profile experience.

Bug Fixes

We’re constantly working to enhance and correct our platform based on user feedback. As part of our ongoing platform improvement, we’ve addressed several bugs:

  • The default logo will now only appear on the Login screen after upload, and it won’t affect the Sign-Up screen appearance.
  • Non-logged-in users will no longer experience the issue of being stuck on /404. Instead, they’ll now be smoothly redirected to the login page or respective child apps.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where username changes in the client portal were not reflecting in the contact’s profile.

We understand that these changes are crucial in providing a superior experience for our users. If you need any assistance or have queries regarding the update, please contact us (

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