Level Up Your Lead Process Understanding with Our New Feature

Enhance Your Lead Process Understanding with Our New Feature

A part of our ongoing commitment to ensure our customers succeed in their marketing and sales efforts, we are thrilled to announce an outstanding enhancement our platform – the Tracking Lost Reason for Opportunities feature. Sign up today to experience this feature firsthand!

Advanced Understanding of Lost Opportunities

With the latest enhancement, customers now have the ability to capture the reason for any lost opportunities. This is a game-changer as it allows for a more in-depth understanding of where improvements are needed and how an opportunity strategy can be refined.

What's New:

  • Capture Lost Reasons: If an opportunity is marked as lost, you can now define its reason from a pre-configured drop-down list.
  • Two Ways to Mark as Lost: Either drag the opportunity under the "Lost" status or choose the "Lost" status from within the opportunity modal.
  • Creating New Lost Reasons: In case none of the existing reasons match your scenario, a new one can easily be added.
  • Enhanced Update Options: If the status is changed by dragging, it can be saved as lost with a selected reason by clicking "Update". Alternatively, click 'Cancel' to save it as lost without specifying a reason.
  • Visible Insights: For your convenience, the reasons for lost opportunities are shown directly on the opportunity cards. For those who prefer a clean look, the reason can be hidden/shown using the Additional Fields Filter.

Realize the Potential Benefits

The addition of this feature to our platform is expected to bring considerable benefits to your team:

  • Gaining deeper insights into why certain leads didn't convert.
  • Making better-informed decisions to minimize future losses based on these insights.

And the best part is that we're not stopping here! We are getting set to launch filters for lost reasons, helping to simplify the sorting and analyzing of your data even further.

To learn more about this and other enhancements that we offer, Contact Us today!

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