Level Up Your Security with reCAPTCHA 3 – The Ultimate Bot Buster!

New Feature Alert: Enhanced Security with our reCAPTCHA 3 Validation Update

We're thrilled to announce the latest feature now available on SMBcrm – reCAPTCHA 3 Validation for both V2 Funnels and V2 Offer Checkouts in Memberships. Enabling this update brings stronger security measures in action to protect your data and improve data quality.

The Old Behaviour

Prior to this update, there were no limits placed on Payment APIs or Opt-in APIs, which potentially could be exploited for malicious activities like card testing. Additionally, bots could easily access and fill in order forms as well as V2 offer checkouts in memberships.

The Game-changing Update

Say goodbye to bot activities and welcome the much-needed protection with our reCAPTCHA 3 update. This new addition to Order Forms in V2 Funnels and V2 Offer Checkouts in Memberships ensures a sturdier safeguard against malicious activities. Stricter verifications are now in place, meaning users exhibiting suspicious activities will need to complete a captcha challenge in order to proceed.

Experience the Benefits

Our newly implemented reCAPTCHA 3 offers a plethora of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Bot Prevention: Say Goodbye to spammy bot activities, keeping your order forms and checkouts free from automated fill-ins.
  2. User Verification: Stricter verification processes deter the chances of malicious activity.
  3. Spam Protection: Lessen the chance of your site or forms falling victim to spam posts.
  4. Security: Gain reinforced defense against potential cyber threats, thanks to improved security measures.
  5. Data Quality: Quality data means better, more accurate business decisions. Keep your data clean and accurate with bot prevention.

Feel free to request a demo to experience firsthand how the recently added reCAPTCHA 3 can be advantageous to you. To learn more about our latest updates, click HERE.

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