Maximize Workflow Efficiency with Email Template Builder

Embrace Efficiency with our New Product Update – Email Template Builder Now Available in “Send Email” Workflow Action

We’re delighted to bring you another crucial enhancement to our SMBcrm platform. Now, you’ll be able to integrate the email template builder directly into our “Send Email” workflow action. This enhancement is aimed at maximizing your convenience and efficiency in the workflow creation process. It simply means improved turnaround times and an elevated user experience.

Workflow Process Image

Streamlined User Experience

We understand how navigating through different tabs can be time-consuming and affect productivity. However, with this update, you can now view and edit your chosen email templates right within the workflow environment. This, in turn, streamlines your user experience and opens doors to greater productivity.

Reduced Back-and-Forth

This enhancement is all about making your tasks simpler and quicker. We’re eliminating the need to toggle between different sections, which often leads to confusion and delays. With this integration, you can focus on creating workflows in a seamless fashion, ensuring swift and efficient execution.

Workflow Performance Image

Our commitment to continually improving and adding value to your experience on Leads-365 remains unwavering. This enhancement is one of the many steps we’re taking to ensure that you enjoy a smooth, efficient, and productive time managing and delegating tasks.

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